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hydraulic jump lab report pdf

CEE Lab 3 Page 1 of 8 Lab #3 Conservation Equations and the Hydraulic Jump CEE Fall Safety The major safety hazard in this laboratory is a shock hazard. Given that you will be working with water and items running on standard line voltages (the computer) you should pay attention to the possibility of electric shock. Hydraulic Jump Lab Report Pdf The Internet world we live in, you should not be a man or a single Australian woman, which is not fun at all. Girl Seeking Boy So get a new perspective on yourself to friends and family and keep a mental note of the compliments you receive. Hydraulic Jump Test. OBJECTIVES. To demonstrate how energy and force momentum concepts are applied in open channel flows. To investigate the relationship between depths upstream and downstream of a hydraulic jump and to compare this with the theoretical relationship. Introduction A hydraulic jump is a phenomenon in the science of hydraulics which is frequently observed in open channel flow /5(41).

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Theory Hydraulic jump in open channels can be attributed to rapidly varied flow where a significant change in velocity occurs from super-critical flow to sub-critical flow. This fact may owe to the presence of some structures obstructing the movement of flow in open channels. Under- shot weir or gate is the most impressive example for hydraulic jump formation in canals where the flow undergoes high velocity under gates with upstream small depth and returns back to a higher downstream conjugate depth away from the gate with lower velocity, hydraulic jump lab report pdf.

Froude number represents the clear impact of non-uniform flow velocity in open channels where super-critical flow is obtained at Froude number greater than 1, whereas sub-critical flow is indicated at Froude number less than 1.

The main advantage of hydraulic jump occurrence in canals is energy dissipation hydraulic jump lab report pdf spillways where accumulation of water behind the gate is associated to the high flow velocity which abruptly declines downstream gate and thus avoiding bed erosion and scour. Procedure 1. Width of channel flume is measured. Reservoir outlets are closed. Pump is switched on. The flow is slowly released into the reservoir until the water level is stable.

A stationary hydraulic jump is created in the flume by adjusting the sluice gate and downstream control gate. Depth of flow Y1, Y2 and the length of jump, L is measure accordingly. Steps 6 to 9 is repeated for another four different flow rates. Data collection. Froude Type of Hydraulic jump lab report pdf No. Run No. The experiment results indicates clearly that hydraulic jump in open channel happens with the transition from supercritical to subcritical flow. Observation indicates large waves created by multiple irregular pulsation travelling further downstream in the channel for Froude number ranging from 2.

As the Froude hydraulic jump lab report pdf increases from 4. The observed hydraulic jump characteristics were consistent with theory and a proposed approximation for a theoretical jump equation were found to be in favor of with observed characteristics. The results expected are slightly different with the theoretical value. The large difference between experiment value and theoretical value of height of hydraulic jump has caused this error. This error is assumed to be caused by bad accuracy of the apparatus.

Water pump and the flow pump with faults could have caused the error. Parallax error also could have been the cause whereby the measurement reader had some distance between the measuring scale and hydraulic jump lab report pdf indicator used to obtain a measurement. Hence, we can conclude that hydraulic jump is the condition where the rise of water level occurs in channels. Hydraulic jump advantages include energy dissipation in in dams and channels, scouring prevention in the downstream of a dam, hydraulic jump lab report pdf, reversing water flow and high water level on the downstream side.

A disadvantage of hydraulic jump is the turbulence which may lead to channel erosion and degradation. Read Free For 30 Days.

Uploaded by RaJ ShlrzvesteR. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Determination of Specific Gravity by Pcynometer Test. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Apparatus Figure 1. Hydraulic Jump Apparatus 2. Flow depth gauge Procedure 1. Conclusion Hence, we can conclude that hydraulic jump is the condition where the rise of water level occurs in channels.

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hydraulic jump lab report pdf


Hydraulic jump experiment in a rectangular open channel fl ume Published: June 29, 45/48 Validation of the hydraulic jump model The experimental work was accomplished in the laboratory to explore the critical depth and the conjugate depths of hydraulic jump as Author: Mostafa M El-Seddik. Sluice Gate and Hydraulic Jump Lab Report - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Hydraulic Jump and Sluice Gate Lab report Hydraulic lab Civil engineering department Malaysia4/5(5). report writing, therefore part of the grade is dependent on your ability to follow directions. You may find it useful to have page 6 nearby when you are preparing your report. A lab report is considered a technical report. As such, it must be professional and neat The report must be written with a word processor of your choice. All drawings.